Is the Washing Machine the Ideal Place to Keep Your Dirty Clothes?

Tossing clothes into the washing machine where they lay waiting for enough to accrue so that you will need to run the machine may seem like the best and easiest route to take. The clothes are going to end up in there anyway, so what’s the big deal? Our apartments are equipped with in-unit washers and dryers which can be tempting for some to use the washer as way to store dirty clothes. Ultimately, this may not be the best idea!

Clothes sitting in the drum of a washing machine are more likely to have a decrease in light and airflow which can prevent the machine from fully drying. Once this happens, the moisture encourages the growth of germs, mildew, or even mold on your laundry. Washing machines are inherently warm and damp, which provides the ideal home for the bacteria to grow. While they aren’t necessarily harmful to the clothes, they are harmful to your machine. The spores in the machine are also able to travel through the air which could lead to health issues.

Leave your washing machine open, or at least ajar, while empty gives the machine time to fully dry in between cycles. Additionally, to keep your machine at its best you should clean it once a month or so. Many laundry detergent manufacturers also make a cleaning solution for the machine.

Using a hamper or laundry basket will help increase the longevity of your machine while also minimizing the potential growth and spread of bacteria or mold spores.

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