How to Quickly Fill a Blank Wall in Your Apartment

When it comes to renting an apartment, decorating your space shouldn’t feel difficult or restricted. If you prefer a minimal design, but still want to cover some of the white space, hanging a tapestry is a quick solution that will give you the design you desire without taking up a lot of your time.

Hanging Tapestries in Your Home in 3 Ways

The ideal solution for your design needs can be accomplished with a beautiful tapestry in a matter of mere minutes. Not only can they bring a focal point to a room, but they can serve other purposes such as giving additional insulation to a wall, and creating a modern age headboard. Depending on how crafty or DIY-inclined you are, there are a few ways to hang a tapestry without putting too many holes in your walls.

• Use a curtain rod: While leaving minimal damage to your walls, curtain rods are an excellent way to display tapestries. It also gives you a few options, you can either purchase hooks or clamps to hang the piece, or if you know how to sew, you can create an opening for the rod. Curtain rods are also great when it comes to weight distribution so you won’t have to worry about the rod giving into the tapestry’s weight – assuming you buy one that is sturdy enough.
• Use a dowel: Create a pocket in your tapestry for the rod by either sewing or using fusible fabric bonding agent. Once you have the rod threaded through the pocket, attach an eye hook to both ends so that you can secure the yarn, string, or rope you have chosen. This method will allow you to put only one hole in your wall. If your tapestry is heavier, you should choose a substantial hook for the wall.
• Wooden wall mount: If you have the creative ability, or know someone who does, you can cut a piece of wood to size then stain or paint it to coordinate with your overall décor scheme. Once it has dried, you can attach the tapestry to the back of the wood with either a bonding agent or a staple gun. Next you can either attach hooks on either end of the back to secure it to your wall, or use a decorative yarn or rope as suggested in the dowel method.

Whether it’s a piece you inherited from a grandparent, or a flea market bargain, you can hang it in a way that represents your unique style but in a way that is still renter-friendly. Perhaps it’s the size of your apartment that is the issue and you’ve run out of space to hang your tapestry. Rosetti has a variety of floor plans that can suit your needs. From one bedroom options to layouts with a den, you will find a layout that you will want to call your home. Find your new apartment with us today!