How to Keep Your Office Productive

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It can be said that the internet is our best friend and our worst enemy. If we need to look something up, find a solution, or take a breather during our
day we turn to the internet and it becomes our best friend. However, scrolling aimlessly through feeds and apps or surfing too much of the web can
take up a lot of time, making the internet our enemy. So how do you find a balance that works for your office that keeps everyone productive?

Break the Bad Habit

It should come as no surprise that the biggest offenders for time consumption are social media and forums. Unless it is part of your job to be active on
either during the day, these tend to be the most obvious culprits. Luckily for those who suffer from spending too much time on social media and find
their productivity level dwindling, the internet has also provided an array of browser plugins to help you stay focused.
Some of the plugins will allow you to block certain sites while others will track the amount of time spent accessing non-work related websites and then
give you a report showing how much time was wasted compared to your productivity level.


Whether you’re working on a PC, Mac, or some form of a tablet, notifications popping up in the corner of your screen can become a distraction and ultimately
lead you to something that can deplete your productivity level. Try adjusting your notifications to only alert you for specific notifications or during
certain hours of your day. Emails containing sales and plans for the weekend can wait until a more opportune time.

Office Space

It’s possible that some employees have a hard time staying productive because of the office. Too much clutter caused by lack of organization or space can
lower a person’s productivity level. Additionally, if your office layout isn’t conducive to creating a productive powerhouse, then it’s likely that
your staff will have difficulty staying on track. Rosetti Properties is invested in the success of those who set up shop in our office and retail spaces.
If you are currently in a space that doesn’t turn your business into a productive powerhouse, let us know! We pride ourselves in the ability to create an office space that will suit the needs of your business.