How to Find the Right Size Apartment for You

Apartment hunting and moving can be an exciting but sometimes daunting task with many factors that should not be overlooked. We suggest that you pull together an apartment tour checklist that you can bring with you so you can make sure that you get all your questions answered. This will also help add or eliminate potential apartments right away, ultimately speeding up the process of finding your new place to call home.

Number of Bedrooms

When trying to decide how many bedrooms you should have in your new apartment; many complexes will tell you the rule of thumb is one bedroom per occupant. There are of course exceptions to this rule including couples and children, who are typically able to share a bedroom. Perhaps you’re a couple who is looking to turn a bedroom into an office space, in which case, you will need at least a two-bedroom apartment. Another thing you should consider when determining how many bedrooms your new apartment should have is do you need space for visiting family, future children, or friends? At Rosetti, we offer one-bedroom, one-bedroom with den, two-bedroom , a two-bedroom with den and one-bedroom options.

Number of Bathrooms

The next piece you will need to consider when looking at new apartments are the number of bathrooms you need or want. A guest bathroom, or bathroom for the kids, is nice and certainly has its perks. However, you will need to consider if it is practical for your needs, or even your budget. At Hawthorne Gardens our apartments come equipped with two bathrooms including one off the master suite!

Living Space

Do you have larger sized items you’re bringing with you? Perhaps you live a minimalist lifestyle and don’t require a lot of extra space. While touring apartments, don’t be afraid to bring your measuring tape so you can take exact measurements. This will help you determine if your current furniture will fit in the new space or not. You don’t want to run into the issue of the furniture not fitting or being too bulky for the space. You can also use these space saving tips when determining how much living space you actually need.

Amenities and Location

Lastly, consider the location and amenities that are important to you. Do you prefer a more active area as opposed to a quieter location? Do you want a shorter commute, or do you enjoy a drive time? There’s not a single correct answer for this as these are personal preferences, but something to keep in mind and add to your apartment tour checklist. While apartment hunting, you will need to keep these questions in mind in addition to the location of schools and healthcare facilities.

Are you ready to make Hawthorne Gardens your new home? Contact us to schedule your tour of our apartments. Make sure to bring that apartment tour checklist.