How to Declutter Your Office Before Relocating

cluttered office

If you’re moving offices, you’re likely focused on boxing up your belongings and coordinating the move. You’re also missing out on an opportunity to declutter
your current office so you can have a fresh start in your new space.

Just like moving apartments, decluttering your belongings will make for an easier and less expensive move. A clean office is also good for staff morale
and promotes productivity. A
clutter-free space will allow your staff to stay focused and do their best work.

So, grab your staff and start decluttering your current workspace so you can start fresh.

How to Declutter Before Moving to a New Office

Make sure to notify your office staff via email about a week before you plan on decluttering and organizing. This will give everyone time to clear their
schedule and prepare. Send a reminder the day before in case anyone forgot.

The day of, ensure you have plenty of trash bags, cleaning supplies, and several bins for recycling, donations, and items that need to be shredded. Supplying
lunch halfway through the day is a good way to keep staff motivated and thank them for their hard work.

You should also know how you’re going to dispose of items before you start clearing the office. Any hard drives or computers you’re getting rid of will
need to be wiped clean so sensitive data can’t be accessed. Paper documents will need to be shredded and any unwanted furniture should be donated to
a local charity or thrift shop. Research a couple of options and schedule a time for them to pick up the items.

If you don’t know where to begin, have each employee tackle their own desk. Get rid of clutter, sort through files, and clean out any desk drawers. From
there, move on to storage closets, the kitchen, and other communal areas. Be ruthless with eliminating clutter so your move requires less time and
less money!

Once every room and area has been organized and decluttered it’s time to dispose of it all. If you have a lot to throw away bring everything to a large
dumpster rather than the garbage in your office.

Moving Forward

Now that your office is clean, it’s time to keep it that way. At your new office provide organizational tools so each employee can maintain a clean desk.
Store supplies neatly in a closet and declutter and organize your office every few months. Organizational habits spread from the top down, so lead
by example.

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