How Much Office Space Do You Need For Your Number Of Employees

office space

Over the last couple years, commercial properties have seen a major shift in office culture and the want for open office space to encourage employee collaboration
and camaraderie are at an all-time high on a lessee’s office space wish list. This is causing the average 182 square foot of office space per employee
to drop to an estimated 100 to 150 square foot of office space per employee in some industries. Here are some things to consider when determining how
much office space you need to rent:


  • Plan For Growth: It’s recommended that when planning your future office space, you not only plan for the current usage of the space
    but for potential future growth. It’s estimated that as you grow, you want to reach occupancy limits at around ¾ of the way through your lease.
    This will put you in a good position to know the future staffing needs and their need for office space.
  • What Are Your 1, 3, 5+ Year Projections: You not only want to think of your business success in terms of added revenue, but in added
    work, customers, and employees. Having clear goals and projections can help determine how quickly you will need to increase your office space.


  • What Type Of Office Environment Do You Want: You’ve heard of cubicles, shared workspace or individual offices, but when you’re thinking
    about your new office, think of the type of atmosphere you want in your office. Are there certain people who hold a lot of meetings, on the phone
    a lot, or need to collaborate often? Answering some of these questions will determine if an open workspace would really work for the type of work
    you are trying to accomplish.
  • How Is The Staff Segmented: Do your employees work in teams? You should take into consideration how those teams work together. Would
    having the collaborative environment help with creativity?


According to LinkedIn, the following space allocations can help determine “usable” space in a potential new office. The great thing about Rosetti Properties,
is we can custom tailor your office to fit your needs.


Large Office – 200 to 400 sq. ft.

Medium Office – 150 to 250 sq. ft.

Small Office – 90 to 150 sq. ft.

Open Space Workstations – 60 to 110 sq. ft. per person

Work Group Areas – 80 to 100 sq. ft. per person

Reception Area – 100 to 200 sq. ft. +10 sq. ft. per person waiting

Conference Room – 50 sq. ft +25 sq. ft. per person seated

Lunch/Break Room – 75 sq. ft. +25 sq. ft. per person seated


Keep in mind that no two spaces are alike, so when laying out a floor plan to determine how much space you need, make sure to take into consideration all
of the above recommendations as well as any office space quirks, like poles or windows that cannot be moved. This will help determine “usable” space
for your office. To get started with planning out your office space or help determining how much space you need, contact us to schedule a tour.