Get Better Sleep this Winter in 3 Easy Ways

With snowy days and nights for the foreseeable future, it means more cuddles under the blanket, curling up on the couch, baking cookies and binge-watching shows. That sounds like a perfect recipe for lulling you into a good night’s rest, right? However, the cold weather brings a list of challenges for many of us including restless nights, lethargy, and of course – plenty of tossing and turning throughout the night. It’s time to take control and get a full night of sleep this winter!
  1. Let There Be Light: As we know, the sun begins to set earlier during the winter which leaves us feeling tired earlier. Is feeling tired important for sleep? Of course, but going to bed too early can cause you to either wake too soon or be over-tired the next day. Incorporating higher-quality lightbulbs to your fixtures and swapping out a noise making alarm for one with a light that mimics the sunrise can encourage a healthier sleep pattern and creates a better way of waking in the morning.
  2. Exercise: We all know that exercising regularly is good for us and, ideally, the way we should live our lives. It’s fairly common for exercise routines to go by the wayside during the winter months because it’s easier to simply stay bundled up and watch TV. Keeping up with, or starting a new routine, can help to regulate your sleep pattern. In fact, people who are more active typically fall asleep easier than those who aren’t as active. With state-of-the-art gym facilities in our communities, there’s almost no excuse for skipping a session!
  3. Temperature Control: When the temperature drops, our immediate reaction is to put on flannel pajamas and take the heavier blankets out of the closet for bedtime. This initial reaction may actually cause more harm than good. While you’re sleeping, your body temperature begins to rise little by little. So if you have too many layers, especially heavy layers, it can cause you to become restless.

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