Get an Expert Interior Design in 3 Easy Steps

Redecorating and interior design aren’t as difficult as they seem. Incorporating our decorating secrets into your home is sure to wow your guests while eliminating any unnecessary stress!

3 Interior Design Tips to Incorporate To Your Home

1. Create a focal point: Much like the fashion industry, statement pieces are essential! Whether it’s a gorgeous coffee table, a couch with a boastful personality, or a colorful area rug, allow your piece(s) to shine by giving your furniture ample breathing room.

2. Pick a color scheme: While creating your interior design plan, choose a scheme of a few colors that can be incorporated throughout your home. Using these colors in different ways will create a cohesive look throughout your entire home.

3. Mix pieces: Create a complimentary set of items such as vases or place settings. Don’t be afraid to pick up items at a local thrift store, mix-and-match pieces online or in-store in order to create your own unique decorations or place settings.

The most important part of all of this is to have fun throughout the entire redesigning process. We hope that you have been inspired to create a unique space that is reflective of your personality and style! We’d also like to see your final product, share pictures with our Facebook page. Who knows, you might inspire someone!

Perhaps you need a blank slate before you begin your interior design project. Contact us today to schedule a tour! You’ll be calling a Rosetti property home before you know it!