Four Ways to Matter to Millennials

team meeting with laptops

By now there is no way of denying that Millennials choices and preferences have a profound impact on the way companies operate. The youngest Millennials’
are 22 years old, meaning many are now in the work force or will be entering it soon. Their influence is shifting the way people work – forcing companies
to change their ways to connect with this important generation.

Make Flexibility A Priority

Millennials are blurring the lines between work and free-time. They bring their work home with them and take their social expectations to the workplace.
Many Millennials say that is they’re not finding what they need at their jobs, they’re willing to pick up a side hustle or turn to full-time freelance

72% of Millennials say it’s important for them to work for a company that offers flexible working arrangements. As a business owner this means providing
laptops and smart phones so your employees can take their work with them. It also means allowing employees to set their own hours, in addition to allowing
them to take breaks when they like. Showing that your trust employees to get their work done on their own time goes a long way in building a strong

Make Your Values Known

Across 11 markets surveyed globally, Millennials are more likely than Baby Boomers to say it’s important for them to work for a company that shares their
values. They’re also 1.5X more likely to say their workplace is a community. When Millennials are considering which company to work for, they often
evaluate if they feel aligned with the company’s values.

Make sure you have a page on your website that includes your mission statement and company culture/values. This page will allow Millennials to assess if
your company is one they want to apply to work for.


One of the most important things to Millennials is transparency. They want businesses to communicate openly on social media just as much as they do. Millennials
say the top three topics they want companies to be transparent about online are company values, changes to products and services and employment practices.

Post photos on Instagram of company outings to communicate to Millennials that your employees get along and enjoy being together. You should also share
press releases and statements recognizing employees when they’re rewarded for their achievements. These posts attract potential employees, letting
them know that they’ll be valued at your company.

Leverage Technology 

No one wants to work for a company that is stuck in the stone ages. Millennials embrace technology that makes their lives better and your company should
too. Introduce online sharing platforms and leverage live video and messaging to allow co-workers to communicate. 87% Millennials say they value being
able to message colleagues so if you don’t already have a chat system, now is the time.

Millennials are also 1.4X more likely than Baby Boomers to say that AI will help people lead more organized lives. So, while AI is certainly a bit more
difficult to implement a chat system, it’s worth looking in to.

Millennials are bringing new expectations to the table and establishing new ways of working. From desiring flexible work arrangements to using the latest
in technology, Millennials are setting the new standard for how businesses operate. Adopting their values will help your company stand out to Millennials
and attract the strongest employees amongst this influential generation.