Four Ways to Make Your Child’s Halloween Costume Safer

halloween costume

Trick-or-treating is always fun for kids, but it can also cause plenty of worry for parents! Feel confident that your child is in a safe costume this year by following these guidelines:

  1. Make Sure The Costume is Flame-Retardant No need to worry that a candle or jack-o-lantern may pose a safety risk for your child! Check the label when buying a costume – it should say “flame-retardant”. For those making a costume themselves, flame-retardant materials include nylon and polyester.
  2. Costume-Size Similarly, you want to eliminate tripping hazards for your child while they’re out! Ensure that their costume is not too long, and that their shoes are comfortable enough for them to be taking a long walk in safely.
  3. Flexible PropsIf your child’s costume requires a prop, make sure that it is short and flexible. You want the prop to be easy for them to carry, and flexible enough that they shouldn’t be able to hurt anyone accidentally with it, or get it stuck somewhere!
  4. Contact Information If you’re allowing your child to go out on their own, or even if you’re in a big group of parents and children, it can’t hurt to include a nametag with your phone number on your child. It can be very easy for a child to wander off in all of the excitement!

We hope that all of our residents here at Rosetti Properties can use these tips for a safe trick-or-treating experience!