Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Living in an apartment comes with a variety of perks for each of our residents, but sometimes we need a bit of inspiration when it comes to decorating without painting. The inability to paint doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with beautiful colors. Below are 4 easy ways to incorporate color into your home without picking up a paintbrush!

Add Color To Your Home Without Paint

1. Pillows and Throws: Accessories like pillows and blankets create the perfect opportunity to add layers of color as well as textures to your home. They’re also something that can easily be changed with the seasons and holidays

2. Accent Rug: Invest in an accent rug! If you have mostly neutral colors for furniture, an accent rug can bring added life to the room. Or if you have a couch that boasts a colorful personality, find a rug that will coordinate well so it ties the room together.

3. Reupholster Dining Chairs: Have you been to a garage sale and spotted dining chairs that needed a little TLC but weren’t sure what to do with them? Have them reupholstered, or if you have the skills this creates the perfect DIY project!

4. Plants: If colorful furniture and DIY projects isn’t your cup of tea, try bringing life to your apartment with plants. Don’t have a green thumb? The right artificial plant (that doesn’t look artificial) will work just as well for your space.

There are so many ways to bring color into your home without a drop of paint ever touching the walls; we hope these 4 ideas have brought you a bit of inspiration. We’d love to see your pictures, share them with us on Facebook!

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