Co-Working Space Alternative

employees in a co-working space

Co-working office spaces are gaining popularity among motivated remote working professionals seeking a space to work, collaborate, or grow their business outside of a traditional home office or coffee shop. Co-working spaces provide small businesses, independent contractors and other workers a space to get work done, network and participate in their local business community. In the wake of the pandemic, folks are a lot more wary of shared co-working office spaces and moving toward individualized office space.

Some concerns co-working individuals have expressed include:

  • Trusting that the others in their co-working spaces have been taking the necessary safety precautions for their health.
  • Expecting that cleaning practices are being done by management to ensure the workspace was disinfected after the individuals use.
  • Questioning if will be required and if yes, will the mask requirement be enforced?

At Rosetti we offer an alternative to co-working spaces where you have control. We offer fully customizable office sizing options to ensure that you and/or your team have what you need to work in a safe and secure environment.

Why Rosetti for Alternative Co-Working Spaces

  1. Privacy – Even if you have a small team and do not need a lot of space, you may not want to share your space with other groups. Protect your creative ideas, physical and intellectual property with private office space to work in. Your Rosetti Properties office space will only be accessible by your team, Rosetti Properties management and maintenance and cleaning service members should you need it.
  2. Security – A private office space allows for limited and controlled access to different parts of your office. With Rosetti Properties custom office designs also include installation of different key locking mechanisms. For some, a traditional key may work, for others a more sophisticated key fob may be what they are looking for in office entrance security. Keep secure documents and information safe knowing that you have control over access.
  3. Higher Productivity – With your team able to work in a collaborative environment there is less room for distraction and higher productivity. As you customize the layout of your office you can ensure each team has what they need to get their work done efficiently, whether that be individualized offices, team pods or open concept.
  4. Complimentary Space Design – With Rosetti Properties, our construction services team can help design and build an office space that provides safe social distancing between employees while working with your teams needs. If you have an idea, share it with us!
  5. More Control Over Your Surroundings – Compared to open co-working spaces, your business will have much more ability to control décor, color scheme and employee perks such as meditation rooms, employee lounges, kitchens and more in your office suite.
  6. Brand Your Own Space – At Rosetti Properties, you’re able to make your space your own with your company’s branded colors and imagery. Your new space will feel personal and professional when clients come to visit.

Find Your Co-Working Space Alternative with Rosetti Properties

At Rosetti Properties, we know that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to office spaces, so let us help you set up your own fully customizable office today! Stop sharing your space with others and take control over your business. To learn more about our available office space, visit our website or call us at (518) 869-5587 today.