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How to Create a Productive Home Office

Whether you freelance from home or telecommute occasionally, you have probably struggled at with the large number of distractions and temptations a home office offers. You can create a productive home office with these helpful tips from Rosetti Properties! How to Create a Productive Home Office   Create a designated home office space.   When […]

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Three Ways to Support Your Local Community

If you’re looking to get more involved in your community, just look to the surrounding areas! There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in the Capital Region that give participants the ability to gain new skills, while supporting the community. Some of our favorites are:   AnimaLovers: What’s better than witnessing happy adoptions and finding cats and […]

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5 Money Mistakes Millennial’s Make

Moving into your first apartment is a really exciting time and new adventure! It’s a major first step into adulthood and it requires, planning, time, and budgeting. You want to have your first independent living space to be everything you dreamed of but failure to create a budget can result in some major money mistakes that will […]

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