7 Best smart office devices to get for your business

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Did you know that smart office devices are a quick and effective way to boost employee productivity? Investing in your workplace technology can lead to great results! From employees working more effectively to less dissatisfaction, there are great gains to upgrading your office space. You and your employees will especially enjoy the newfound conveniences and freedoms that come with smart office devices. Together, let’s walk through what a smart office is and how you can upgrade yours with these 7 smart office devices.


What is a Smart Office?

Like a smart home, a smart office is a workplace that uses the latest technologies to work more productively and efficiently. This is a huge plus for businesses since it boosts employee productivity while reducing stress. It also is a great way to better integrate new work styles, such as hybrid or remote work. With all the benefits that come with a smart office, it’s hard to see why employers wouldn’t want to start upgrading their spaces.


Major Benefits of a Smart Office

While we already covered increased productivity and efficiency, there are a few other benefits you should know about upgrading your office. This powerful option comes with a whole host of advantages for both you and your employees. When you decide to start integrating the best smart office devices into your business, you can expect to see some of the following major bonuses:


  1. Improved relationships
  2. Higher employee retention rate
  3. Increased engagement
  4. Higher moral
  5. Better use of office space
  6. Increased engagement
  7. Actionable workflow insights

Now, you may be wondering, “what devices do I need to consider my workplace to be a smart office?” Good question. Let’s go over the top seven recommended smart technologies you need to have in your business space.

1. Smart Sensors

It’s okay if you’ve never heard of a smart sensor before (let alone in an office). Let us explain why they’re a great device to install throughout your workplace. By detecting physical changes and events, smart sensors let you monitor the occupancy level of a specific room as well as CO2 air and air quality. This can help you better understand how your office space is being used, which can tell you what workspaces need to be upgraded or remodeled for optimum use. For example, if a majority of your employees collaborate in the meeting room throughout the day, you may want to consider renovating to create an open, collaborative office layout.

2. Smart Desk

Sometimes referred to as a standing desk, a smart desk allows employees to function in different ways. For example, they can stand, sit, or even move their desk to collaborate. Some smart desks can even allow your employees to program the desk so multiple people can use a single physical workstation, or adjust their layout configurations.

3. Multi-Device Keyboard

Working seamlessly just got easier for your employees with a multi-device keyboard. This multi-device keyboard allows you to quickly switch between three devices, such as your tablet, PC, laptop, or smartphone, to ensure a seamless typing experience. Employees tend to love this device because it allows them more quickly and efficiently complete their tasks, which, in turn, improves their overall workflow.

4. Location-Responsive Workplace App

A location-responsive workplace app is a great way to make your workspace more efficient. With these mobile apps, employees can easily complete wellness checks before heading into the office, reserve rooms, or book desks within the workplace. These apps are a superb intuitive management tool that will help improve your workspace use and flow. Plus, employees can use them to connect with people, places, and services from their smartphone, allowing them to achieve their most flexible workstyle.

5. Room Booking Apps & Displays

Setting up meetings in conference rooms has been upgraded for the better. Even if your company is hybrid or remote, you can still use a room booking app to better manage your employees. So, whether your employees are choosing to work remote or in the office, they still can quickly book workspaces or set up meetings via the app. This can eliminate office friction and improve overall productivity. The room book displays are installed outside of your conference rooms or common workspaces. They’re typically a tablet that is connected to the room booking system and app. Some feature a scheduling display along with other handy applications.

6. Wi-Fi Scanner

Over the past few years, Wi-Fi scanners have improved significantly with many of the entry models ranging from very good to excellent. The major benefit of a wireless scanner is its ability to select the least congested bandwidth. This allows them to increase their connection speed significantly and print your documents faster. They also offer your employees the option to effortlessly share their digital documents wirelessly from one document to another.

7. Portable Laptop Monitor

Portable laptop monitors have huge benefits, especially for companies looking to work in a hybrid or remote setting. They boost productivity since employees can easily multitask between their monitors. They’re also light weight, and therefore, easy to move around the office or between work and home, making it an excellent addition to a mobile workstation, and like a smart desk or lean desktop setup.

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