Hobbies Perfect For Your Apartment

apartment hobbies

It’s National Hobby Month, and January is the perfect month to start a new hobby or pick back up a hobby you haven’t done in a while. A good hobby can help keep your mind occupied and alleviate stress from work or all the other stresses happening in life. Have a hobby in mind? If not, maybe we can help you find the perfect hobby for your apartment living. Here are a few of our favorites!


  1. Container Gardening – This one is not only calming and fun, it’s also delicious! One of the great things about gardening is contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of space to get started! Many Rosetti properties have access to your own private balcony or patio and this is a perfect place to start your container garden. You can grow beautiful tomatoes right in a pot on the balcony! You can also grow herbs to use in all your holiday meals right in your kitchen window.


  1. Cross Stitching – Cross stitching is relatively inexpensive to get started and there are endless pattern possibilities! You can even find some great kits to get you started. This is a perfect activity to do while watching television or relaxing with a glass of wine. These can also be great gifts to give out to friends and family!


  1. Knitting or Crocheting – This hobby produces some super cute items! You can start small with a potholder or scarf and once you master the basics you can create extremely detailed creations like crochet people and pets! Need help getting started? There are lots of patterns available to newbies!


  1. Cooking or Baking – This is a perfect hobby when you live in a Rosetti Apartment. You don’t need a lot of space to get started and the end result is delicious! There are a lot of meal subscription plans you can take advantage of like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. These are perfect to build your confidence in the kitchen!


  1. Writing – Have an idea for a book or just want to journal about life? This is a great hobby start in January, and the best thing? All you need is a pen and paper and you can bring it everywhere.


  1. Drawing or Painting – This is a perfect hobby to do in your apartment. After you complete your work you have plenty of wall space to hang your creations! Make sure to check out local stores for coupons you can use on your art supplies. Tag us in anything you create, we would love to see!


  1. Paper Crafting – There is so much you can do with paper! Some of our favorite paper crafts are party decorations. You can create banners, invitations, party favors, wall decorations and gift wrapping all out of paper! There are plenty of DIY guides to get you started.


  1. Model Building – This hobby has been a favorite for many years. From car enthusiasts to fathers and sons building model cars, trains, and boats this is a relatively easy hobby to do right at your kitchen table. There are thousands of kits available at local stores and online for any area of interest.


  1. Photography – This hobby does involve some equipment, but cameras do not need to be super expensive to start out. Watch online sales and do lots of research before making your purchase. There are so many settings you can test to get the perfect shot and we can’t wait to see them! Have a good shot of your apartment complex? Send it to us!


  1. Outdoor Leisure Activities – The Capital Region is full of places to get outdoors and go on a hike! Shaker Run, our apartments in Albany, NY are adjacent to the Village of Colonie Walking Trail (Bauer Environmental Park) and a perfect place to start your outdoor hobby.

We hope these inspire you to find hobbies perfect for apartment living. All of us at Rosetti Properties would love to see all the fun hobbies you are working on this month. Make sure to tag us on Facebook so we can follow your journey! Your ideals space awaits. Contact us to schedule a tour today!