Get More From Your Apartment’s Fitness Center

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After a long year, many are beginning to emerge from a long stretch of unhealthy eating habits and a non-existent gym routine. Now that businesses and jobs are beginning to open, people are starting to think about ways to get their health back on track. Gyms can be expensive and crowded and could affect the motivation to keep going. At Rosetti Properties apartments, our residents don’t need to go out of their way to live a healthy life. Many of our apartments in the Capital Region have excellent fitness centers right in the apartment complex. Here are some tips to make the most out of your fitness center in your Rosetti Properties apartment!

Exercise Machines at Rosetti Properties Apartments

When you are starting your exercise journey, exercise machines are a safe place to start as most of them are easy to use. Whether you are looking to get in a bit of cardio or if you are trying to build up some muscle, it can be done on one of the following exercise machines.

  • Treadmills – On this machine, you can increase your heart rate and get a great cardio workout. You can walk, jog or run your way to great shape.
  • Stationary Bike – Just like a bike you would ride around town, a stationary bike works the same, but instead of tires, you have pedals attached to a fan belt that can provide some resistance to create a full-body workout.
  • Ellipticals – Ellipticals are stationary exercise machines used to stair climb, walk, or run without causing excessive pressure to the joints. They are a great combination of the treadmill and stationary bike.
  • Stairmasters – is a stationary fitness machine that rotates steps, similar to a treadmill, allowing the user to climb upward at the speed and duration he or she sets.
  • Rowing Machines – is a machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for exercise or training for rowing. This is a great cardio workout and easier on the joints.
  • Weight Machines- The weight machines are designed to isolate specific muscle groups to tone and build muscle. These are great for beginners and if you are working out alone.

Free Weights at Rosetti Properties Apartments

Free weights are a variety of resistance exercises provided by objects, typically dumbbells that are not attached to machines. Free weights can be used by anyone, however, if you have no experience with free weights, we recommend utilizing a plan created by a trainer or someone with experience so that you are working the muscles you want to and can exercise safely.

  • Dumbbells – Great for everyone from beginner to advanced. These are hand-held weights that feature a bar with circular or hexagon-shaped weights on either end that are used in weight training. They come in a variety of different weights levels and can be used individually or in pairs.
  • Olympic Weights – These are the classic weights that you would imagine when thinking of a weightlifter. They are a full body lifting experience and should be done with a partner to make sure you stay safe.
  • Kettlebells – Originating in Russia, these weights get their name because they look like a tea kettle without the spout. They are a perfect way to build both strength and burn fat. Like the dumbbells, they come in a variety of weight levels, so if you are new, start lighter and work your way up as you build strength.

Yoga at Rosetti Properties Apartments

If you have a yoga mat, you can utilize the open space in your Rosetti Properties apartment fitness center. Yoga is a combination of stretching, strength, and cardio depending on the style of yoga you are practicing. It is a great way to stay in shape and relax. Yoga is also a great way to start and end your exercise routine. Its breathing and stretching techniques help warm and cool your body before and after a workout.

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Getting and staying fit doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming when you can exercise from your Rosetti Properties apartment. Join other residents in their fitness journey and let Rosetti Properties help you find your next apartments where a functional fitness center is just another perk to look forward to! To learn more about our apartments in Albany, Colonie, Guilderland, Latham, North Greenbush, Queensbury and Saratoga Springs, visit our website or call us at (518) 869-5587 today.