A Simple Way to Upgrade Your Storage

bed with bench storage

A versatile piece of furniture that tends to get overlooked by many of us while decorating our home is the bench. It can serve multiple purposes including seating as well as stylish storage. One place in particular where a bench can be beneficial is the bedroom.

Using a bench for storage can be as simple as finding something chic and stylish in a store to fit your personality or if you’re feeling adventurous you can DIY something of your own! Benches that open and reveal a large interior are perfect for storing spare blankets or pillows, seasonal clothing, shoes, or even toys for the kids. Once the top is closed, your guests will have no idea what sort of clutter you are hiding from them. This solution can also be achieved with an ottoman or two and can work just as well in a kid’s room, guest room, or even the living room.

While picking out your bench or ottoman, think of how it will flow with the design and décor of your space. If you have a lot of straight lines or right angles, a round ottoman or bench with a cushioned top can add a touch of softness that the room needs. They could even be the statement piece that is used to pull the room together.

Another approach you can take to incorporating a bench into your bedroom is having one with open shelving. This can work well for people who have collections they either want to display or something that they want quicker access to such as books or record albums.

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