9 Ways to Organize Your Closet

At Rosetti properties, every resident is able to enjoy spacious, oversized closets. However, that is just the beginning. Closets can be customized to fit your every need and want! Keep reading for our best tips and tricks on how to organize your closet.
  1. Store your most used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high. No more constantly searching for that shirt you wear every week!
  2. Use tiered shelves to organize your shoes and keep them from cluttering your closet floor.
  3. Put up hooks to hang bulky jackets and scarves.
  4. Store out of season clothing under the bed to make more room in your closet.
  5. Color code the items in your closet so they’re easier to find. You can also organize your clothing by sweaters, t-shirts, long pants, dresses, etc.
  6. Use baskets to store scarves, hats, slippers and other accessories.
  7. Hang another bar in your closet to instantly double the amount of closet space.
  8. Use a hanging shoe organizer to store sweaters instead! Roll your sweaters before tucking inside to save space and avoid saggy shoulders.
  9. Add a mirror to the back of the door to make your closet a one stop shop for getting ready in the morning.

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