7 Benefits of Living in an Apartment

Happy couple sitting on floor with moving boxes

When deciding where to live, it’s best to weigh out the pros and cons. Once you do that, you might discover the overwhelming pros that apartment living can offer. Apartment complexes possess multiple benefits and are the perfect living solution for many people. To help you make the right decision, let’s check out these 7 benefits of living in an apartment complex.

1.     Amenities

Amenities that come with apartment living are hard to beat. Apartment complexes often offer great amenities that are all included in your monthly rent. Many complexes have clubhouses, pools, fitness centers, heated parking garages, additional storage, private balconies, and walking trails right outside your door. These amenities allow you to save a lot of money by not having tp pay additional fees like gym memberships or storage units.

2.     Easy Maintenance

Do you hate yard work, snow removal or constantly fixing broken appliances? Owning a home means keeping up with home maintenance, yard work, repairs, and improvements. However, renters do not have to worry about these sometimes-lengthy to-do lists. Apartment complexes often have dedicated staff that take care of all apartment maintenance and repairs. When something breaks or if there is a leaky sink, all a renter needs to do is call property maintenance and they coordinate all the necessary repairs and repair people to resolve the problem. In many cases, the maintenance staff will take care of the problem at no cost to you.

3.     Flexible Rental Options

Living in an apartment gives you the flexibility to be able to easily move or scale your apartment size based on your current lifestyle. Have you been living with roommates since college and finally ready to move into your own apartment? With apartment living you have that flexibility to look for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment to take that next step.  Some apartments may also offer short term rentals that may be perfect for extended business trips or those looking to try out an area before settling down a little more long-term.

4.     Close Community

Community is often something that people think about when looking to buy a house but finding the right apartment complex community when living so close to your neighbors is also very important. The opportunities to have a close community are much greater in an apartment complex. Community amenities, like pools and gyms, create opportunities to spend time with your neighbors and make some great friends. Especially for those new to the area. Many complexes host apartment parties that allow residents to get together and meet.  Check out our social media accounts to learn more about some of our great community events.

5.     Save Money

Many people are under the impression that renting is more costly than paying a mortgage. This can be true, however there are many expenses when purchasing and living in a house that you may not even think of, on top of being responsible for everything that does and can go awry. Not only is there a mortgage, but there is also tax, insurance, a sizable down payment and sometimes HOA fees. In addition, homeowners typically pay higher utility bills and pay home maintenance costs. Apartments only require a small deposit fee, renter’s insurance, and renters often have much smaller utility bill every month. That is on top of apartment amenities and full maintenance staff there to help you when you need it.

6.     Safety

Safety is a priority for any homeowner or renter. Living in an apartment complex has numerous safety benefits. Some apartment complexes have gates, security cameras, extra fire protection and locked common areas. The closeness of neighbors is a huge advantage as they can keep an eye on your apartment and notify the authorities if anything is out of the ordinary. Many apartments also help keep precious deliveries safe by offering Amazon lockers or mailrooms to hold your mail until you can pick it up.

7.     Size

Sometimes bigger is not always better. Apartments provide a perfect space for most people including recent college graduates, small families, or retirees looking to downsize. Apartments provide renters with a smaller space that still contains the necessities while also being safe, inviting, and convenient.  At Rosetti, we have 1-2-3-bedroom apartments available throughout the Capital Region that are perfect for renters of any life stage.

Now that you know the 7 benefits of living in an apartment, are you ready to schedule a tour of your new home? Contact us today to hear more about all our amazing properties in the Capital Region and let us help you find the perfect apartment!