5 Ways to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

As a business owner, you know that there are gadgets and pieces of technology that your office needs in order to flourish. However, many of these pieces
of equipment have the tendency to increase your electric bill. If this is the case for you, it’s time to find a common ground that will allow your
business to grow, without costing you a fortune to keep the lights on.

5 ways your office can be more energy efficient

1. Shut down at night: One of the biggest offenders to raising your electric bill is caused by equipment being left on when everyone is
home for the evening. If the equipment does not need to be on when the office is empty; switch it off before locking up.
2. Use Energy Star-qualified products: The Energy Star label indicates that the equipment uses at least 20% less energy than a standard
model. This label allows offices to know that they are making the best choice for the office.
3. Use power strips: Even when not in use, most office electronics use what is referred to as “phantom energy”, which means even though
it’s sitting idle, it is still drawing power from the outlet. Rather than unplugging multiple pieces of equipment, consider purchasing a power cord
for items such as computers or printers, and then flip the switch to off when they aren’t needed.
4. Switch to laptops: Desktops have a tendency to use more electricity than laptops. Businesses that swap even a few of their desktops
for laptops can see an increase in energy efficiency.
5. Set sleep modes: Most pieces of office equipment, such as copiers or computers, have a “power save” mode or “sleep” mode setting which
can be used turned into an energy-saving mode after a certain number of idle minutes.
These are only 5 of the energy savings tips we have to offer you! To learn more ways to become energy efficient and to schedule a tour of our properties,
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