5 Low Maintenance Indoor Apartment Plants

Plants in apartment bedroom

Your apartment should be your oasis and should provide you with peace and tranquility. One of the best ways to enhance your environment is to add greenery to your space. Plants have been proven to improve air quality, positively affect your mood, and can provide a wide array of incredible benefits. Not only do plants provide tangible benefits, but they also work to beautify your space and brighten up your life. If you are looking to add some greenery to your apartment, check out our favorite, low maintenance choices below!


One of the most well-known, low maintenance choices is of course succulents! These lovely plants are perfect for those just testing the waters with plant life, or for those who want to brighten up their windowsills. While succulents thrive mostly in a sunny spot, they will survive in shady places as well. One of things we love most about succulents is their uniqueness. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes! In warmer months, water your succulents every other week. In the winter, once a month will do the trick!

Kentia Palm

If you’re looking for a statement plant, this is the one for you! The Kentia Palm can grow up to ten feet tall. We picked this plant because while it can grow rather tall, it remains slender and takes up little floor space in its pot. It is a great idea for those looking for a larger plant to really be an accent piece in their space. The Kentia Palm requires little maintenance and can survive on minimal sunlight. This plant does like to have it’s soil be moist, so we recommend watering it weekly, and during the winter months, biweekly will get the job done.

Aloe Plant

We love Aloe Vera plants! Similar to a cactus or succulent, the Aloe Plant can go quite a while without being watered, and a spot near the window is ideal for them. We love their unique textured look, and the fact that they provide natural healing benefits. Inside their leaves is aloe, which can be incredibly beneficial in healing burns and skin irritations and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Fan Palm

One of our all-time favorite indoor plants is the Fan Palm! We love its spiky and palm tree vibes. Interestingly, this plant can grow up to 65 feet in its native land of Southeast Asia! The Fan Palm loves a nice steamy area, so a bright spot in the kitchen or bathroom is ideal. This is the perfect choice for someone who wants a tropical statement plant.

Spider Plant

Another favorite indoor plant of ours is the Spider Plant. Spider Plants are one of the best choices for purifying the air in your space and ridding your apartment of toxins in the air. This plant needs little watering and should be kept in areas with low light as intense direct sunlight can damage its leaves.

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