5 Effortless Ways to Entertain This Season

When you’re entertaining your guests you want it to feel effortless while still being fun, especially during the warmer months. From an edible tablescape to unique ice that will have them talking, we’ve compiled 5 ways to entertain your guests with ease!

5 Way to Effortlessly Entertain

1. Ice that’s unique: Guests always want ice for their beverage, especially during the warmer months. Rather than offering plain ice, do something a little special. Adding a raspberry or blueberry to the water before freezing adds a nice touch. You can also eliminate the water entirely and create ice cubes out of iced tea or lemonade (depending on what you’re serving) this way you avoid diluting the drink.
2. Fresh flowers: The day before your get together, or if you have time that morning, pick up a bouquet or two of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers create an added touch that looks and smells wonderful that your guests will love and appreciate.
3. Bring something to share: You know they’ll end up asking you what they can bring to share, so get ahead of the questions and ask them to bring a favorite dessert or side dish to share. If you plan to take this route, encourage them to also bring the recipe so if someone loves it as much as them, they can have their own copy!
4. Edible tablescape: Rather than taking up room on your table with a centerpiece that serves no function other than simply looking nice, create a tablescape that is edible. Crudité platters, tea cakes, or visually appealing hors d’oeuvres will create the same desired effect as a traditional center piece.
5. Playlist: Create a playlist ahead of time for your gathering so you aren’t left to find songs during the event. You could even take it one step further and ask your guests to give you the name of their favorite artist or their favorite song; this way you can create a custom playlist that makes everyone feel included.

While all of these are important, the most important part of your get together is your home! Do you have enough space? Are the grounds outside your building well-maintained? If you answered “no”, then it’s time to find a new place to call your home. They may seem like little details, but, these are details your guests are sure to notice. Contact Rosetti today to schedule your tour!