4 Tips for Organizing Your Jewelry

jewelry tray

When it comes to apartment life and storing prized possessions, sometimes space can be of the essence which means you need to store your items in a creative manner. Rather than simply leaving your jewelry on your nightstand, dresser, or bathroom counter keep your jewelry organized so you never lose an earring back or pendant again!

4 Ways to Store Your Jewelry

1. Tray: While most any type of tray will work, one with a divider could help with the organization of your jewelry if you intend to have pieces from earrings, bracelets, to rings on the tray. Vintage shadow boxes, antique serving trays, or even tiered dessert stands can serve as a unique way to store your jewelry.
2. Statue or Vase: Look at the objects found in your home from a different angle. Something like a ceramic elephant on your nightstand can serve another purpose by holding your necklaces and bracelets. Having your pieces displayed out in the open may also encourage you to wear the items more frequently, rather than the potential of them being out of sight, out of mind.
3. Hooks: If you’d rather free up space on your dresser or nightstand, try installing hooks on your bedroom wall. Whether it’s a small hook like you’d use for a picture or one that isn’t permanent (and doesn’t require a hammer) hooks can be a fun way to hold your necklaces. This is especially handy if you have bigger statement pieces that could take up an entire drawer of a jewelry box.
4. Wooden Box: Invest in a wooden box that is both sturdy and unique, rather than a run-of-the-mill jewelry box you can find at any store. Head to an antique store or a flea market to find one with character and that will hold your most prized possessions. If you happen to find one that’s fairly sizable, like a jewelry armoire, it can be visually appealing and become the room’s statement piece.

We hope you find these jewelry storage tips to be helpful! For more tips including tips for organizing you apartment kitchen, and to make one of our Rosetti Properties your new home, contact us today! We’ll share our favorite tips and tricks with you while giving you a tour of our communities.