4 Spring Décor Trends to Get On Board with This Year

As spring rolls around each year, it’s time to bring life back into our homes and do away with winter items and décor. Whether you find an amazing piece at a thrift store, or you spotted a to-die-for item at a high-end boutique, take the leap and make the change!

4 Trends to Incorporate This Spring

1. Accent Pillows: There’s no real reason why we love pillows so much, other than for the simple sake of bring life into our homes, adding texture, creating eye appeal, while also making the space more comfortable. This year’s trend is the silk scarf pillow, which works well for the season since they are as light as they are luxurious.
2. Metallic Accents: While the use of metallic in a design isn’t something new, it’s certainly becoming trendier this year. The key is to balance the bright, lavish metallic with earthy materials like leather or wood accents. This way your home doesn’t have an overly glam look, unless that’s the style you’re going for – in which case, make it yours and have fun!
3. Textures: Textural poufs, fabrics, accent rugs, or weathered wood pieces are hitting the shelves and will create a look your friends will envy! Don’t be afraid of a piece with personality, especially if it’s something you can change with the seasons.
4. Statement Chairs: This isn’t something that is necessarily a spring trend, but, a trend none the less! Adding a statement chair to your living room or office creates eye appeal that we all strive for without over taking the room. Choose wisely with this piece, it’s unlikely that you will change your seating with the seasons and the right piece can last years!

Whether you’re switching your pillows for the season, or adding pops of metallic to your home, stick with a common theme so it transitions nicely throughout your home. If you bring home a metallic pineapple for the living room, find another size that can be incorporated nicely into your kitchen!

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