3 Ways Your Office can Enhance Your Brand

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For many business owners branding seems like an outward facing project – portraying a specific image to your clients or how the general public sees you.
However, what happens inside your building is just as important. Branding for your company doesn’t end with your digital appearance or signs on the
outer wall of the building, it is essential to ensure your office building is accurately representing your brand as well.

3 Ways to Portray 

1. Lighting: It can seem like a small detail, but lighting can have ayour Brand in your Office deep impact on everyone’s mood, productivity, as well as creativity. This is particularly true with natural lighting; the more natural light the better. What does this have to do with your brand? Your employees represent your company and are, in essence, your brand.

2. Customizations: Making your employees feel as though they belong to a team encourages positive branding. Adding customized signs, artwork,
or color coordination throughout the office creates an additional level of branding while bringing your employees together.
3. Personal Touches: Signage throughout the office with your brand’s logo or name is great for its purpose, but, employees should be encouraged
to decorate their space. Personal touches added to employee spaces create a sense of community and pride in working for your company which creates
an extension of your brand.

While many property management companies will tell you that all you need is a trendy building to become successful, that isn’t actually the case. Creating
values that your employees value and embrace as much as you do creates a positive reflection of your brand that will be evident to your clients. If
you feel as though your space is restricting your ability to create a positive reflection of your brand, then it’s time to find a new place to set
up shop. Contact us today to schedule a tour of the properties we have to
offer throughout the Capital Region!