3 Uses You Didn’t Think of for Magnetic Racks

knife and cutting board

Have you ever visited someone’s home and they used a magnetic rack to hang the knives in their kitchen? Not only do they clear up counter space, but they also make organization a breeze. Here are 3 ways to use them throughout your home that might not have thought of before!

3 Ways to Use Magnetic Racks

1. Keys: Many of us are guilty of this, but, we seem to frequently misplace our keys. Mounting a magnetic rack near your door can help you hang your keys quickly so they don’t become misplaced! You can even hang them vertically or horizontally depending on the spot you choose. Seeing it by your door will serve as a quick reminder to put your keys where they belong right away.

2. Appliances and their Attachments: We all love our kitchen appliances, but sometimes they have a lot of pieces and attachments. Food processors or mixers, for example, have a number of pieces that can take up a lot of space. Installing a magnetic strip beneath a kitchen cabinet will allow you the freedom to use the appliances you love without compromising counter space or dealing with cluttered cabinets.

3. Picture Holder: A trend that is happening right now is unique ways to display your pictures rather than just using picture frames. Anything from antique windows or shutters to magnetic racks with fun magnets can be used to display your favorite photos.
These are only a few of the fun ways for you to use magnetic racks in your home! Pick one up this weekend and start organizing your home and hanging photos in fun ways. We’d love to see how you’re using them in your home, share your photos and stories with us on Facebook!

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