3 Tips for Spending Less Money

Many of us are guilty of impulse buys, whether it’s wandering aimlessly around our favorite store, or grabbing an afternoon cup of coffee. These impulse buys and treats quickly add up and could become an issue. Take our 3 tips into consideration so you can begin saving money!

3 Tips for Spending Less Money


1. Unsubscribe: It’s hard to cut ties, but, when it comes to emails from retailers, sometimes it’s better to unsubscribe. The purpose of their emails is to get you to make impulse purchases. Once in a while, of course, is fine but it can be beneficial to either unsubscribe or to change your settings so you aren’t receiving these emails as frequently.

2. Log Out: It sounds like a no-brainer, but, log out of accounts from your phone or other devices. If you aren’t logged in, it becomes more difficult to make impulse purchases, especially when you’re scrolling aimlessly on lunch breaks at work!

3. Create Zero Spending Days: Instead of buying lunch every day at work, try bringing lunch with you most days and only buy food once each week. If you need a little reminder, set a schedule in your phone and create alerts to keep you on track. Even with morning coffees, treat yourself once or twice a week to buying coffee and then bring your own from home the rest of the week.


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