3 Things to Know Before Renting a Commercial Property

commercial property

Renting a commercial property is a great way to expand your business. From tax breaks for property expenses to fixed monthly costs, you’ll enjoy some great benefits from renting a commercial property. You will find that you can attract great talent and be applauded for spectacular amenities and customizations.

In this article, we’ll cover three great ideas you should consider before you rent your commercial space. You’ll be shocked at all the things you didn’t know you could do before. Plus, you’ll be all set to go when you’re ready to sign your commercial lease. Let’s get started!

1.) Customize Your Commercial Property

Did you know that workplace design can work in your favor? From attracting top talent to boosting overall workplace culture, there are so many benefits of customizing your commercial property that you should consider. Not only will you easily communicate your company’s culture, but you’ll also make your business stand out through its design and great employee morale!

Rosetti Properties and our affiliate, Falvey Real Estate Group, can accommodate many special requests. We have the capability to design and build the commercial office of your dreams. So, if you’re looking for specific floorplans and layouts, know that we’re ready to help you. Commercial brokerage is offered through the Falvey Real Estate Group. Find exactly what you are looking for with Rosetti & Falvey!

Because we work with retail stores and other vendors, trust that we have the uniqueness of you and your business at heart. We work with our tenants to customize and tailor each office space to their exact needs! For example, if you’re a retail space, we can help you determine the best placement for walls, cash registers, and changing rooms. Or, if you’re an office, we’re more than willing to help you install new fixtures, design work spaces, and customize your layout. When you work with Rosetti, you can expect us to help you create an office that fits your company’s culture and goals.

2.) Know the Amenities You’ll Need

What are the amenities that your business uses every day? If you own a technology company, for example, you may want to make sure that you have solid Wi-Fi and there is video conferencing software in every meeting room. Also, think about the way your employees work. If you run a highly collaborative company, think about what spaces, rooms, furniture, and technology you’ll need for a job well done.

Think about the amenities that will help your commercial space achieve its highest potential. A good place to start is thinking about amenities that correlate directly with your employee’s work-related or your customer’s needs. Whether you’re thinking of installing a fitness center or collaborative space, Rosetti and Falvey can work with you to design a custom commercial space that can maximize performance and boost profits.

Because we offer over 500,000 square feet of “A” rated commercial and retail space in Albany, NY, we’re ready to help you alter or build an office perfect for your needs. Whether you need an outdoor, quiet, or collaborative workspace, we’re ready to help you achieve your vision.

3.) Think About the Location

You know the saying: Location is everything. Make sure you pick a location that keeps your employees happy and helps customers find you easily. Also, consider how large you need your commercial space to be to satisfy everyone’s needs. Focusing on these two things will help you decide where your office should be located.

The best way to think about location is to ask yourself the following questions: what’s my budget?; what office will fit the size of my business?; do I expect my company to grow?; what kind of business do I run?; what’s the traffic and accessibility to this location?; and what building perks are you looking for?

These questions will help you narrow down your decision. The great thing about leasing a commercial space with Rosetti Properties and Falvey Real Estate is that you don’t need to worry about the building’s size, traffic or accessibility! That is because one way that we stand out is through our knowledge and reputation of owning and managing approximately 500,000 square feet of commercial and retail space in Albany County.

Not only are our buildings centrally located making easy access for customers and clients. But, they’re also “A” rated, which means you can guarantee that our buildings are in excellent condition.

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Your business needs come first. Our family businesses are built on giving everyone the ability to select office space in the location of their choosing. Our commercial buildings are “A” rated and offices can be altered and/or built to meet the needs of your business. All commercial space is suited for individual needs and surpasses all town codes and ordinances.

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